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We carry out the most varied projects. The project Origami for RS in Milan or the project Workshop 20.18 or the project Heart of Lisbon, are projects that always have something in common. They are designed to tell a story, we want them to be different and there is an additional concern with sustainability, with special focus on the materials to be used.

In the Origami project, the recycled materials acquired in the area of the project were the biggest concern; in the 20.18 project we used waste carpet to make the project and in the interior design project Heart of Lisbon, natural materials and plants were the motto for the construction of the project.

Other projects already existed where these three pillars were essential for the ideas to be realized, namely the project at the Milan Triennale, where the materialized exhibition objects were transformed into a totally digital story, or the French Film Festival project where the tape waste was the motto to develop the whole concept.

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