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The designer must have a holistic view of the project, a 360° view. A designer must be disruptive, must look for answers in the most unusual places or objects, must be curious with all that surrounds him and must learn from the past, question the present in order to provide answers for a better future.

Do what you can do. Step by step to go further and to achieve new goals on each sustainable pilar. Biophilic Design is one of our tools to have more sustainable projects.

From caos comes new concepts, from new concepts comes a new organization, new projects.


The creative process cannot be left aside. Validation is fundamental for the sucess of the project.

Beware. Shoud always have a question mark about everything that surrounds it. 


Besides all the attention to the various sustainability issues, the symbiosis between the physical and digital world is also a topic that deserves attention and reflection.

The new way has biofilic design as its moto, as its way to have a more sustainable space, product or service.

Design is like a living organism, always in constant mutation. 

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