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We have received with immense honour the nomination to participate in the Design Product of Excellence 2023 award in the furniture category with the Metamorphose sideboards.


Awards presented by the German Design Council.

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After founding his own atelier and the Primeira Casa da Rua, (with more than 20 years of experience), he now has a new challenge on his hands, the position of Head of Creativity of Gato Preto.


A brand with over 36 years of existence and more than 60 shops in Portugal and Spain.

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Head of Creativity

Sustainable House Guide 

The Sustainable House Guide Primeira Casa da Rua powered by Nuno Matos Cabral Design Studio is a guide where you can find inumerous tips and ideas for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly life, not only at home but also at work or in the car. 


In the Guide you can also find some projects to reuse materials that are very useful. Only available in Portuguese.

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In Trends magazine a very complete interview where several topics were covered, namely the professional path, design and sustainability. Read the full interview, click here.



The marketing magazine Marketeer published news about Nuno Matos Cabral's new position in the Gato Preto brand as Head of Creativity. Gato Preto has more than 35 years of history, with shops in Portugal and Spain.



Interview for Adico Mag, magazine number 1, edition celebrating 100 years of the brand.An interview about the house of the future, where the search for a symbiosis between man and nature is the motto.