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Excellent Design Furniture

Special Mention to Metamorphose. The transformation of the raw piece of wood (Metamorphosis I) begins its transformation (Metamorphosis II) ending in a piece inspired by the 50s (Metamorphosis III).


The aim of this triptych is to draw attention to the transformation of wood into pieces with history. They were produced in pre-composite and not in solid wood, avoiding the massive cutting of trees.

Untitled design (1).png

Project "Yellow Forest", where the traditional "boiserie" mixes with the re-edition of a wallpaper from the beginning of the 19th century. The wooden floor and the wallpaper give a comfortable and sophisticated touch to the space.


The storage, even in a sophisticated space, can be done in a discreet way, without losing the spirit of the composition.

Project by Nuno Matos Cabral Design Studio.jpg

"Yellow Forest"

Sustainable House Guide 

The Sustainable House Guide Primeira Casa da Rua powered by Nuno Matos Cabral Design Studio is a guide where you can find inumerous tips and ideas for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly life, not only at home but also at work or in the car. 


In the Guide you can also find some projects to reuse materials that are very useful. Only available in Portuguese.

Guia Casa Sustentavel by Nuno Matos Cabral.png




In this month's Urbana magazine, NMC talked about trends for the bathroom. Materials, organisation and lighting were some of the topics that the short interview went through. 



On the MAGG website, Nuno Matos Cabral talked about Christmas at Gato Preto and the three themes for this year: Craft, Farm and Bright. You can read the full interview here.



In Trends magazine a very complete interview where several topics were covered, namely the professional path, design and sustainability. Read the full interview, click here.
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